Wednesday, June 29, 2022
Tuna is on a mission to "fine tune" the payments space in Latin America., a parallel compute platform for data workloads, is developing a compiler to make Python portable and efficient across multiple hardware platforms.
Tango is designed to help employees get back as much as 20% of their workweek spent searching for that one piece of information or tracking down the right colleague to assist with a task. is developing a tool that leverages computer vision and artificial intelligence to create a better online dressing room experience.
Adra is bringing AI into the dentist's day-to-day workflow so they can spend less time finding cavities and more time with patients.
Three University of Michigan students are building Channels Inc., a communication software tailored for physical workers, and already racking up some big customers in the event management industry.
The truth is, we are still early when it comes to data transformation. The success of tech giants that put data at the core of their business models set off a spark that is only starting to take off.
UIPath came seemingly out of nowhere in the last several years, going public last year in a successful IPO during which it raised over $527 million. It raised $2 billion in private money prior to that with its final private valuation coming in at an amazing $35 billion. UIPath CEO Daniel Dines will be joining […]
Metabase spun out of venture studio Expa as an easy way for people to interact with datasets.
ThirdAI is building tools to speed up deep learning technology without the need for hardware like graphics processing units.


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